alright so i had some money saved up to buy another guitar, but recently i have been thinking about spending some of that money on a bass... they look fun to play and such...

so i was wondering would the transition be easy? like i am an intermediate guitar player, can finger pick well though... just looking on some feedback and also on what cheap bass i should look at getting?

Well, although guitar experience will give you a degree of dexterity and comfort on a fretboard, bass needs to be treated like a completely different instrument, or you will join the legion of people playing bass like a guitar non-stop.

It won't be easy to become a good bass player, but being able to simply play more than a few of your favourite songs and really understanding the instrument takes time. However, it should be good fun and greatly increase your musicianship.

Good cheap basses and starter amps are in the FAQ at the top of the page. Yes you will need an amp. Bass frequencies damage guitar speakers.
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i agree, i recently also did a transition, well not a major transition as im focusing on bass because everyone needs a bassist and im tiring of the need from people for over the top flashy guitarist in my town. but im currently using a slow tempo beat to work on finger picking transitions from string to string...its crazy how 70BPM is a pain in the ass to keep in time when just doing 8th notes over and over along the major scale lol..

dont really think its crazy to say that i think the warm sound of the bass is more beautiful than the tube warmth i'd crave from my guitar amps.

but to the original question, dont really get something dirt cheep, if its in your budget, the RockBass Corvettes by Warick are really nice IMO, i just bought one yesterday, although i had to tighten the treble pot it is a nice sounding bass, think it was around 600$
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