So I just got a new pickguard for my new strat and so I open up the guitar and find that the pickups are held on by some kind of substance similar to hot glue--- instead of springs. So I'm having a hard time getting the glued screws out and I don't know what I'm going to do when I put the new pickguard on to hold the pickups on. Anyone got any help? Thanks.
I suggest some kind of industrial strength cleaning fluid; be careful not to let it contact your skin.
also- do you NEED springs to hold your pickups on or would there be no problem if you just had the screws holding them?
You don't need springs, but there does have to be something there to stop the screws moving in the pickguard. Screws rarely get a proper grip on the pickguard, that's why the springs are there - to provide tension on the other side so the screws are clamped in place.

On old Telecasters (and as I did on mine), you use a short piece of thin plastic medical tubing instead of a spring, works the same. Springs are just the most convenient way as they will provide enough tension no matter where you what height you change your pickup to.
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