Ok, so the other day I was working on fixing my DOD Classic Fuzz pedal. It didn't work when I soldered the broken wire together, but that became the least of my worries. All of a sudden, the thing fell off the table (something must have hit the power supply cable hanging off the table) and now the only wires connected are:

Footswitch - Input (soldered) (Green)
Footswitch - Output (Purple)
Power jack - Battery (Red)
Power jack - Motherboard (second connector from left) (Yellow
Battery - Input (Black)
Input - Output (Black)

The disconnected wires are:

Light (Brown)
Output (Black)
Output (Blue)

I actually just noticed the problem isn't as big as I thought it was originally, but it still doesn't work. The light won't come on, and I can't get the pedal to make any noise.

Is there a way to fix this myself or do I have to get it repaired at a shop?
the guys in the guitar building and customizing forum would be of much better help.
search for the schematic and put it all back where it goes.
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