You are amazing. The mere fact that you have paramore next to disturbed shows how awesome you are.

Here, an awesome medal. It's made out of awesomnite.
:extends medal:
The playground of the world
it'd be more awesome if you hadn't done 2 songs that weren't rock band/guitar hero.
that being said, nice job.
yeah I just learned Misery Business today, and Down With The Sickness yesterday...I was just really eager to do these and I was just in the mood to cover something, I'll most likely end up re-doing them eventually.

If that wasn't sarcasm, thanks haha. I'm really diverse as you noticed. I do stuff from Paramore, to Zeppelin, to GNR to the Foo Fighters...I'm workin on some Stevie Ray Vaughan too but he was just amazing.

yeah, I like Rock Band because it's fun to screw around when friends are over and it's just a fun party game. I do NOT own GH4 so I'm guessing that's what Misery Business is on. I'm not one of those "learn every song on Guitar Hero" people, as I know a lot of Paramore, and I have a few Disturbed songs. However, I will not deny that Guitar Hero has opened me up to a lot more music. These two songs just both happened to be drop Dd so I did them both at the same time. I didn't even think that they were both on GH/RB.
Seeing Paramore being played in front of Led Zeppelin posters with a Pink Floyd t-shirt on is both bizarre and awesome.

Pretty good, couple of dodgy notes but I'm sure you're aware of that anyway (3:03, you need to go higher there). I think there's a few parts where you're also playing the right notes but you're playing them in a bit of an odd way, such as the last part of the solo where you go right up to the top of the neck when I believe it's actually played lower down on the neck on higher strings, at least in live videos that's how they play it. Only other thing I'd say is I think you were playing it with a bit too much distortion dialed in too. When you really listen, Paramore's tone is a bit cleaner than it first sounds.

Though I probably shouldn't comment until I get around to learning it myself. I fear I won't get over my current Paramore fixation until I do learn it anyway.

Can't comment on the other track, I dunno the original.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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thanks a lot MrFlibble, I can definitely use that advice, I'm second guessing these videos, I might have to re do them haha