Ok, so my current guitar is an Ibanez starter I got in a Jumpstart pack or whatever it's called. Pretty soon I plan on buying a new guitar, but I decided I'd ask UG if there are any recommendations as to what I should get.

First I'll get this out of the way: Favorite bands: Chevelle (favorite), Tool, Slipknot, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Disturbed, A Perfect Circle, Crossfade, Evans Blue, Deftones, Metallica, Seether, and many others.

So far this is my plan, I'm going to take one of the guitars, either the new one or the Ibanez and I'm going to get it set up to play in lower tunings (Drop C, Drop B, Drop A#) for like Chevelle or any other song in a low tuning, and I'm going to have the other set up for Standard and Drop D/Db.

I also plan on doing more riffing than soloing, I'm a rhythm guitarist.

I was thinking maybe PRS because Pete from Chevelle uses one and it's been recommended to me, but the good ones are fairly expensive, around 2000-3000 bucks. I'm looking for something around the 600-800 range, or less. Maybe higher if it's really worth it. I was considering getting one of the PRS SE's, as they are around that range.

Is there another guitar that you think would also fit my style and needs or perhaps something better? and also, do you recommend I make the Ibanez or the new one the low tuning/high tuning guitar?

I don't think a prs would be good for the type of music yopu play unless you change the pickups.

maybe a schester hellraiser c-1, a bc rich px3t , or a esp ltd ec 500
give shecter/washbrn a try. ive played some amazing ones at my local music stores and they are amazing. decent sound stock. you might have to do a bit of setting up, but that depends on where you buy from. So yeah, $600-$800, try some of those out.
buy a baritone guitar it'll be better suited for lower tunings.


here you go. It's right in your price range and Schecter makes great guitars.
Yeah check out some of the Schecter's, pretty good guitars for the price. Hellraisers etc...
Don't get an Ibanez if you're going to be playing rhythms or you have big hands, you'll regret it.
If you swap the Pups from the SE, you should be good
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