As my girlfriend can't get on UG atm, she's asked me to do this for her, least you could do is check them out...

Third Time Lucky are a 4 piece folk punk band, from Brigg, North Lincolnshire, England. They have a huge amount of gigging expirience from around the local area, and feel that they need to enlarge their fan base, to a wider audience.

If you like the sound of that, check out.....


many thanks guys....

The violin is either out of tune or she's pressing down too hard, or something else I don't play violin. Pretty boring stuff. Kinda lacked direction. Sounded like a continuous irish jig. Vocals are pretty bad. Guitar is barely audible and the drums just keep a bass beat sounding like at some point it's going to go into a beat but it never does.
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It's spelled khoyaschotsii. Trust me, I'm a Native American. My name is Running Rainbow.