Hey everyone!

I'm looking for some new kind of sound and i think that 7 string guitar will give me it.
Do you know any good ones? please link me or tell the names of models

Schecter C-7, Shecter Hellraiser C-7, Schecter Blackjack ATX C-7, Ibanez makes a few good ones, idk names, but look at them. also look Agile and LTD
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Finally another 7 string guitarist!!

What are you looking for?
My Ibanez gives me a fairly slick sound that works best with clean and heavy distortion. (From my experience at least.)
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Finally another 7 string guitarist!!

There's plenty more in the 7-string/ERG Legion... see sig.

There's a lot of them. What's your price range?
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7 string thread

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I play a Schecter 007 Elite which is now discontinued but it's an amazing guitar, and i've tried out a few other Schecter 7 strings and they're all well built so i would defly say some higher-end Schecter should be 1st on your list.
get a ibanez s7320 it's really good. or if you are low on money get the rg with the set bridge i dont remember the model of that.
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get a ibanez s7320 it's really good. or if you are low on money get the rg with the set bridge i dont remember the model of that.

That would be the RG7321. It's got a good reputation for being a nice 'starter' 7 string.
price range?
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Schecter and Ibanez are your best bet, if you want a thick neck look at schecters, if its a thin neck look at Ibanez. if your looking for cheap 7's (under £300) look at the Ibanez 7321 or the Schecter Omen7. if your looking at mid range guitars look at Schecter Blackjack ATX C-7 (£799) or Ibanez RG1527 (£825).
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the c7 jeff loomis signature is GODLY, one of my buddies have it and they wont play anything else their ibanez 7 string collects dust.
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Ibanez RG7321FM. Same as the black RG7321, except with a flamed maple top in a sexy-as-**** crimson finish. I would sex it if I had one.