Ive been playing a for bass for 2 years and guitar for like 4 or 5. Ive been learning bass and practicing on a ****ty little squire (it did the job though).

I dont know that much about the materialistic side of bass guitars. but i want some kind of 5 stringed bass. I play mostly play metal when we record or jam. but i definately dont only play metal. when im with my family we jam anything .

any advice??

sorry if i sound like a noob. im just really poor.
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Okay, it's overused, but here's the plan:

1.) Go to guitar center, guitar source, any music store that sells basses
2.) Play as many basses as you can, whether you can afford them or not.
3.) look for used basses, especially ones that you liked in your hours of testing
5.) Bass!

By ???, I mean pick the bass you like best that's in your budget, or save up for one not in your budget, and Buy it!
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hmmm. used is a good market.

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