I already critted berzerker in your other thread but Imma say once again that It's ****ing badass.

Dreamscape sounds kinda like King Crimson, which I dig.

Octane, yet another track that sounds alot like buckethead. Kinda sweet cause it's a more listenable version of buckets Cobra Strike tracks.

Really digging this, sounds like a Rick James (or any other funk artist) ballad. Totally dig this cause I'm a fan of that kind of stuff.

Sludge 2, it's the tone of the guitar that gives it that Buckethead feel, this was much less buckethead-ish than Berzerker though. Still dig this one very much.

Abstract solo 1, I'd call this one "Alien Spiders" cause it sounded like a thousand of spiders running (you know the part in TCM where there's alot of spiders on the ceiling, in the Old Franklin house) (I assume you've seen TCM). Real nice track too.

Here's a doodle for you to comment on: