Hey guys, wondering if anyone wants to take my Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde Overdrive/Distortion off my hands? I traded for it from a fellow forum member a few months back, and it's a really great pedal, but I only really use it for the distortion. I have some other good pedals for that, and this doesn't get enough use.

I'd really rather do a trade for this, and I'm hoping i can get a loop station in trade for it. That's what I traded away for, and I'm sort of missing it. But hit me up with some offers.

Oh and I will post up some pics after work today.
So, pics are still forthcoming. But, to answer your question, I was really more interested in trades. I have no idea what a good price would be on this. I traded a $190 pedal for it for a loss. So I'd guess $120-ish?