Selling my iPod Classic 160gb, its not the newest model (120gb), its the one before that. Its in perfect working order, but it has a number of scratches on the mirror back which has been unavoidable through regular use. Has one scratch on the screen. Since these aren't available anymore, I'm going to ask for £125 excluding shipping. No idea how much it will cost, but I wouldn't have thought it would be too much. UK only.

Pics on request.
Would you do any partial trades?

Like an 8GB Sony mp3 player + a Yamaha CH10M2 discontinued, analogue chorus pedal?

(only thing I wouldn't really be looking forward to is shipping)
Not too keen on those two mate, any other pedals you could throw in?
Don't really have any other pedals I'd be willing to trade, sorry mate. Free bump, I guess.
What's on offer mate? I'm looking for 2x12 cabs and particular heads and stuff, but suggest anything.
Sorry mate, I would sell it just for cash or any other trades if you have any?
It's a "general admission" ticket, IIRC it was standing and level 1 seating or something. Problem is, these tickets aren't shipped untill 2 weeks before the gig, so I don't have the ticket it in hand yet....
Hmm, sorry man, I would consider if you had two tickets, or just all cash.
Mm, just the one ticket, but I could throw in some extra cash as you requested if you change your mind.
Afternoon bump, this thing could be sold tomorrow to a shop. £120 you sort postage, any takers? Need a last min sale.
I'll give you a Powerball and a Dimarzio HS3 pickup for it
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I'll give you a Powerball and a Dimarzio HS3 pickup for it

A Powerball?