I am wanting GB & C's opinion.

Should I refinish my mint condition MIM fender standard strat from midnight wine to this orange:

or maybe more like this?

this is what it looks like now.
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i think the midnight wine one looks better than both. but the orange one isnt too bad
both of those finishes are overdone.
If it is already a dark red, leave it. It already looks great.
If you REALLY want to paint it, go with a Cerulean blue (its not too dark, not too light) or some other color than red.
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Both colours in the links are amazing.

The 2nd link could be mistaken for peach, red, pink or orange. It looks kinda vintage.

The 1st link: BAM, ORANGE!! I really think that you should do this one, it's outstanding.
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I think the real question is:

what kind of amp do you have?

first link, TS.

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I think the real question is:

what kind of amp do you have?

Are you blind? my amps in my sig.

So most of you think I should leave it? I like it the way it is but I'm wanting a nitro finish so it will actually wear naturally over the years, unlike this finish on there now that's rock hard.
05' G&L S-500
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dude it was a joke, as indicated by ...

its a big thing in gb&c to ask about amp before pickup suggestions...

personally, i like it better the way it is.
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They stopped asking
that pic doesn;lt really show the colour much...

but if you are going to paint it. the bright orange is better.
dont bother. just not worth it. the orange is nice, but itd look better on your guitar if you had a maple fret board. keep the red.
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I prefer the orange in the first link.
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sometimes I wonder why I try.

I knew you were being serious, but I just thought I'd questions your comment anyways

i'm going to leave the color. While I'm at it any mod suggestions? creme pickup covers +knobs anyone?
05' G&L S-500
95' Godin LGX

96' Yamaha APX 6-A

Peavey Classic 30
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Imo,the orange looks a bit like a faded Fiesta Red color,maybe its just the lighting.Fiesta Red would be a cool finish though.
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I think the second link is Fiesta Red, but I'm not sure, I would get a plain white scratchplate instead of the mother of pearl one you have now, and go with the fiesta redish one. That would look super sexeh, especially if you put gold hardware on it.

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