i think the "ur not aloud to make threads bout jade goody or ill break ur legs" is a bit harsh.

and not funny.

yeh shes annoying but meh, she got cancer and died when she was 27. leave her alone mate.

if ppl wanna talk about it just leave em alone, no point hating a dead person.

and yeh like i said she was annoying, but an alright person really.

im not a jade goody fan or anything. just bored of everyone saying like "oh shes finally dead, dont mention her ever again"

probs get banned for this but ya know

"ooohhh im a moderator in an internet forum, how dare you challenge what i say, im going to ban you, haha bet you feel stupid now, im the winner"

not really mate.

get a proper job.

Enjoy the FOTB.
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What part of the stickied thread don't you understand? Idiot.
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