In my band for no really reason.. the drummer has quit, so it has just left me (the guitarist) and my mate who is the singer.

We went and search from drummers in our area and couldn't find any that we could practice with etc.

So I was thinking about mabye I would learning drums and be the drummer and get another guitarist and bassist until we could find another person who wanted to play drums.

But could this cause problems later on? Because I would eventually like to go back to being the guitarist because.... well its my instrument lol.

Anywayz, feedback would be much appreciated, thank you.
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depends if u hav a drum set or not dont buy 1 just for a band that might not work out
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If you really want to be the guitarist, then hold out for another drummer. Otherwise you'll have to either kick out the other guitarist later on, or rearrange all of your songs to accommodate both of you. That said, drums are a lot of fun to play, so you may just find yourself preferring to be the drummer after awhile. It's up to you.
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Not sure what kind of music you play, but if its death metal/DeathCore/Grindcore you could just use a drum machine/program, and become an internet based band. If not I would drop the band for now, and become a better guitar player. And just wait for a drummer to pass by. If your good friends with your singer you can start the band back up in the furture.
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