Powerpoint costs money. Try openoffice, I think its equivalent can make powerpoint files.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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.....That's because you have to buy Office, dumbass.

But I'd say your best bet would be searching for a torrent on Google.


Probably safer with OpenOffice. Unless you want Microsoft to come down on you like Jade Goodey.
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Yeah, openoffice is your choice...
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Quote by jgbsmith
Powerpoint costs money. Try openoffice, I think its equivalent can make powerpoint files.

This ^

The tech guys at school use it, but then again, they're not that smart...
Microsoft only offer free powerpoint viewers, no composers.
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Isn't Powerpoint and OpenOffice have different file types?
OpenOffice is compatible with Powerpoint and all other MS Office apps, by default it saves in its own file format but it can be altered to save in Microsoft formats.

Another option would be google docs presentation which can also save in microsoft format, but you don't get as many options as with OO.
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so i can make a presentation using open office?
Yes, more specifically the presentation app in OpenOffice.
OpenOffice simply takes some getting use to. It's set up quite differently than PowerPoint. But, it's free and really is powerful. Plus, it's open source I believe, so it's always being updated with new ideas.
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will it be like a slide show?
Yes, it has identical functionality to powerpoint, it just has a very slightly different GUI.

Why the fuck haven't you googled to find out yet?
its called "impress"

i did a presentation in powerpoint once, then the day before i had to give it i needed to add a bit onto it, but the laptop id borrowed didnt have powerpoint...downloaded OO, edited the powerpoint, saved as as .ppt worked no probs.

plus OO is apparently easier for office 2003 user than office 2007 is.

edit: im pretty sure theres guides out there on how it differs from powerpoint.

you might find this site useful: www.google.com
aahh f**k it...
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