im getting a strange case of fret buzz on my epi lp standard. It only occurs on 2 of my frets on the entire guitar. The 7th fret A string and the 7th fret D string. So basically the notes are right on top of one another and its probably caused by the same fret right after them. Everything else is fine. Is there a decent fix for this that wont involve messing up my action. I have it at a pretty decent height that feels comfortable. I can put a picture if you guys want.
Post a pic and try to get a closeup of the fret area as well.
Moving on.....
file the 7th fret maybe?

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I had a somewhat similar problem before. Turned out my bridge saddles were setup for a very flat radius. It made in the middle strings closer to the fretboard than the rest. Which in turn caused me buzzing. I matched the radius of the bridge to the fretboard and everything went smoothly.

Another quite common problem of random buzzing is high or uneven frets. I suggest you to take out a straight ruler and measure them.

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are the strings fresh?

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