And I'm a little confused by some of the settings Sorry for the newbness but I've spent most of my time playing on acoustics and this is my first electric setup.

I got a steal on a 2 week old Epiphone G400 SG and case for $200, and I'm running it through the 30w version of the Peavey Vypyr. For or some reason there always seems to be an echo on. I can't figure out which settings I need to change to disable it. Sometimes there's an unwanted delay effect too I think it has something to do with the rapid blinking light titled "tap tempo"

Also I'm trying to get some Killswitch Engage and RED style distortion, anyone have any ideas on what settings I should use? I've found out that RED uses the Rocktron Nitro Booster pedal, and it seems like a pretty good price @ $30 but I wasn't sure if I could get my amp to create the same sound. Basically I want the sound as heard in this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-XXM_r96c8. I've also got a cheap Digitech Screamin' Blues but I'm not sure if I should be using that for this kind of distortion or not?

Anyone have any tips of suggestions for a newb Thanks
READ THE MANUAL!!!!!!!!! and don't use any pedals, they tend to not be that great with modeling amps like the vypyr. but if you want killswitch engage distortion, your best bet is to use the 6505+ model with preamp gain at 3-5

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