Ive been playing bass for over a year now, first, originally just playing songs and scales just to get my coordination down. and as of a few months ago i been devouring theory into brain. i would say that im going through my enlightenment period with music.


whenever i go home and practice by myself, I . . .
Open the guitar pro program
Create a solid drum beat
Make a simple chord progression

then when i play with it i kinda just noodle around with the chord tones on the corresponding major/minor scale. i also put some emphasis on the maj/min 3rds, 7th, and p5.

This is exactly what i do. But i wanna know if this is a good way to approach.
Is there anything Im doing wrong? Any Advice? What can i do that is more effective that this?

please dont kill me if i sound like a noob, because i am , and i want to learn.
What your problem is (I hate to say it!) is you are getting stuck on theory. Knowing where theory applies, how it applies, and when to use it to make music work is GREAT! But simply writing music (or trying to) based on theory alone is a no no (in MY opinion!). What you need to do is just sit down and let your fingers find their way to the riffs. It is more about knowing sounds of notes than names of notes, I think. You just need to know what you are feeling and put it into bass.

After finding some lines that you dig, put it into pro and check it out, look at what you made from a theory perspective and then edit what you made to make it work more toward where the theory takes it, but keeping your feel.
wow thank you that was really helpful.
but i have understood that i need to use my ears and not the numbers and letters.