ANyone who owns the Roland VG-99 Virtual guitar system, i would really love to have the part number for the touch strip at the side of the unit. also if there is a special connector that is needed for its soldering to a circuitboard i would appreciat that number as well.

or if someone has a busted vg-99 that is beyond repair, would you mind selling me the piece?
google tells me it's called a "ribbon controller". see if you can find some DIY kit.




here's a couple.
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It doesn't list the part no. on the unit itself and there's no parts list in my manual either I'm afraid...
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thats terrible service on ROland's part. what if a piece broke?? what evs. thanks so much for looking, i guess im just going to have to use a membrane potentiometer :/


Becaue 9/10 times when something like that breaks, it is almost impossible for a consumer to replace due to the sheer complexity of it, or the soldering joints. It also means they make money on a repair and a part...