help me remember an anime i dont rember much cuz i saw it 6 trifillion years ago when i was 1 second old.
this is all the info i remeber;

-theres a kid who (I think) runs a way from home and flys around on a carpet (I think)
-he meets a leprechaun (I think)
-in the end he goes into a cave (I THINK!) and fights a big black... thing (or at least thats what i see when i try to remember)
-in the end i think he wakes up in his room and you can see a tv flashing (and his mom or some woman yells at him) but shes not in the room

that is seriously all i remember, but im almost certain im not imagining this
i was born in 1991 and i think i saw this before i was 10 so it had to have been release before 2001 i think (god damn my useless memory)
good luck with this one, i've given you easy things before but if you can get this one, i will be awed.

ps if this belongs in the anime thread, tell me and ill ban myslef
Why do you only remember it now?

edit: come to think of it I wanna find out what it is too.

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... i think the leprechaun and the kid were sitting on top of a building or something when they met..
Are we talking about a leprachaun like this?:

Or is it a friendly one?