Who thinks it's cool, who does it, who wants to do it. I like graffiti. I don't do it that much cus I don't want to pay for paint and I don't want to get caught. I just changed my tag to, Zest. I know people who do a lot of graffiti, they're really good.

What about you all?


oh yeah, I NEVER do it on people personal property, that's douchey if you do that.
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k, cool. I think it's alright, but too many people try to fake it and end up ****ing **** up with bad paintings.
I wrote but then my parents found out so now I just draw it. I never was that good since I'm just getting started so it's like a waste of getting in trouble haha. But yeah I think it's really cool and alright if it's done right.
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I wasn't born in an alley behind a dumpster... so no I don't

EDIT: I like people who are actually good at it and make artwork out of it, but people who just write their name or some gay ass symbols are just annoying.
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Graffiti (READ: ART) in the right places is very nice.

Random graffiti on private property pisses me off.

Random generic graffiti on walls, bridges, etc. in run-down places helps make ****ty looking places look even ****tier.
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Graffiti is awesome, all who disagree, look at the work of DAIM

Dude I think I met that guy and hung out with him while he was doin a piece. Probably not, but his piece looked a lot like DAIM's stuff. Do you know where he's from?
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oh yeah, I NEVER do it on people personal property, that's douchey if you do that.

no, thats just what graffiti is.

ive tried doing some a few times, but its a hell of a lot harder than you would think. trying to make even lines and keep the paint from running can be quite a bitch.
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It is cool. I might do it, but my hometown is filled with cops like twinkie cream, so the few areas i want to do it at are full of traffic. I'd want my work to be seen, even if it is just a simple signature.

Its always fascinated me though.
you guys should check out juxtapoz magazine.

its a buncha different graffiti artists work

EDIT: i think most people dont realize graffiti just isnt writing your name or phrases on buildings.
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anyone go on bombingscience.com?

Edit: ^ exactly what I was just thinking. Like most people when they think of graffiti they think of random swears and scribbles on private property that look ****ty. Not the real art of graffiti, and the tag is the essential part of writing. There's steps to take in developing style and skill and it all starts with the tag.
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