well first off ... ive played guitar for about 2 and a half years.. and id half to say im pretty good... i can do all the fast 2 hand tapping sweep picking and all that... i mostly listen to bands like pantera metallica megadeth etc... and some all that remains killswitch stuff like that... other bands i like are slipknot avenged sevenfold lamb of god nirvana... anyway i was looking for some new stuff to play ... i dont like the whole idea of neo classical so thats out of the question... any suggestions?
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1) In your profile it says 'books=gay'

2) However, underneath that, you misspelled "pineapple"

3) also, har har, butt pirate.

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1) In your profile it says 'books=gay'

2) However, underneath that, you misspelled "pineapple"

3) also, har har, butt pirate.

edit: #2 cont. expamples, influances

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Learn these:
Arsis-The Promise of Never, Seven Whispers Fell Silent, Maddening Disdain, The Face Of My Innocence.
At The Gates-Blinded By Fear, Slaughter of The Soul, Cold, Under A Serpent Sun, and The Burning Darkness.
Amon Amarth-Once Sent From the Golden Hall (intro riff is awesome) Pursuit of Vikings, Valhalla Awaits Me.
The Absence-A Breath Beneath, From Your Grave
In Flames-Ordinary Story, Jotun, Gyroscope, Artifacts of The Black Rain, December Flower, Dead God In Me, Episode 666.
Dark Tranquillity-Hedon, Focus Shift, White Noise Black Silence, Punish My Heaven, Zodijackyl Light, Damage Done, Lost to Apathy.
Wintersun-Beyond The Dark Sun, Death and The Healing, Hell just learn the whole album (They only have one, so yeah).
Ensiferum-Iron, Windrider, Into Battle, Sword Chant, SLAYER OF LIGHT!!!
Children of Bodom-Downfall, Silent Night Bodom Night, Bed of Razors
Symphony X-Inferno (Unleash the Fire), Sea of Lies
Firewind-The Fire and the Fury
Arch Enemy-Dead Inside, Dead Bury Their Dead, Ravenous, The Immortal, Heart of Darkness, Dead Eyes See No Future,Machtskampf
Mors Principium Est-Two Steps Away, Parasites of Paradise,Finality, Cleansing Rain, Sinners Defeat, Altered State of Consciousness.
Kalmah-Dance of the water, Hades,Hero's to Us, Burbots Revenge, Time Takes Us All, To The Gallows, The Black Waltz.
Metallica-Damage Inc, Creeping Death
Megadeth-She-Wolf, Holy Wars... The Punishment Due, Tornado of Souls
Nevermore-My Acid Words, The River Dragon Has Come, Born, This Godless Endeavor
Sleep Terror-Probing Tranquility,Somnambulist Pedophile,Autoerotic Spy
Necrophagist-Pseudopathological Vivisection, StabWound, Epitaph.
Atheist-And The Psychic Saw
Pestilence-Chronic Infection
Psycroptic-Alpha Breed.
Cynic-Evolutionary Sleeper, Veil Of Maya, Celestial Voyage.
Eternal Tears of Sorrow-Lost Rune of Thunder.
Meshuggah-Combustion (I only know stuff off the newest album, but that song is awesome)
Norther-Death Unlimited.
Death-Spirit Crusher, Crystal Mountain, Suicide Machine, Lack of Comprehension, Pull The Plug, Bite The Pain, Story To Tell, Flesh And The Power it Holds, A Moment of Clarity, Painkiller (technically a Judas Priest cover, but whatever, still a good song). I definitely recommend Death, because their songs are awesome and they aren't that difficult.

Old list that I made, feel free to add accordingly people.
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