I have an ac30, and i need more gain. I have decided treble booster is the way to go.

so heres what ive been looking at...

BBE frequency boost <-- cheap, but lack of demos makes it hard to see how it sounds
Keeley Java boost <-- expensive, but sounds great
Throbak strangemaster <-- quite pricey. i have another pedal from Throbak, its great.
Throbak flashdrive <-- no germanium transistor, so its the odd one out
Home made treble booster <-- self explanatory
Edit: Fryer Brian may boost <-- not sure what model, or if they offer multiple models

so I guess I'm looking for a rangemaster-like clone. Switches and tone knobs don't impress me. true by-pass and ac option are both pluses. any other suggestions welcome. nothing over 300$ please.

heres a list of treble boosters, including home made ones, being sold on ebay-

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if you need more gain why not get a overdrive or clean booster
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Danelectro Wasabi OD.

Homebrew Electronics Germania

Please check it out...gives you a lot of control
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no no no, i want natural amp drive. take your od pedal suggestions and leave. As for a straight up boost, no thanks. I specifically want high-med frequency boost, and a little bit of low cut. as for the two treble booster suggestions, i will check them out.

anybody know anything about the fryer brian may boosts?
EQ pedal?
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Build your own, they are EXTREMLY easy to make

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you could try the byoc tri-boost if you want to have a go building your own pedal. its got a treble boost as one of the modes, so it might be something to look into.
Im not gonna make my own, as i destroy every electronic i touch. And no, no eq pedal. jof1029, ill check it out
i have a BBE treble booster and it's pretty cool. i haven't tried any of the other ones to compare, but it gives a nice boost.

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Whatever, I think im gonna go with the flynn treble booster. simple and comparitevly cheap
Go the Rory Gallagher/Brian May way and get a TS-808.Just in case you haven't tested one of them,of course...
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i'll sell you mine for $60 shipped. it's practically brand new and goes for $100 new.

comes with warranty, box, and a 9 volt adapter.

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dude. get the analogman beano. seriously. its worth every cent

and if u're budget conscious get the byoc triboost. these two treble boosters are amazing.