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asap (play it safe)
15 94%
wait a little (risky but maybe better seats)
1 6%
cant decide
0 0%
Voters: 16.
buy concert tickets... i've heard that waiting a day or 2 to buy them is better cause the system is less crowded than when they 1st go on sale. like when i got ac dc tickets i got em right as they went on sale and my seats were as high as you could get, i touched the ceiling. just wondering a good strategy for buyin metallica tickets.
well my friend bought tickets off a scalper and we got tickets in the nosebleeds, 5 feet from the back

I bought tickets for Black Label Society the day they went on sale (online) and got front row.
But yeah scalpers= for tickets, try to do online when they start selling
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Haha definately wait for traffic to slow down man with everyone buying their tickets and everything you wouldn't want to contribute to the problem.

Honestly though man. Get the **** in there ASAP, especially for big name bands because people buy that **** up.
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