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with the term "girl band", even i being a girl, think, ew.

but, there are actually dang good female singers/bands .
personally, i love:

the yeah yeah yeahs
regina spektor
etta james (ha)

in this forum, i'm not sure how many actually like any female singers, but i'm curious.
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probs the obvious one would be Hayley from Paramore, lol.

but the singer from No Doubt is very good as well.

both have great ranges
hayley hands down

the girl from iwrestledabearonce is pretty amazing too
sadly, I think No Doubt is pretty good.

but Pat Benator and Joan Jett are amazing
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probs the obvious one would be Hayley from Paramore, lol.

but the singer from No Doubt is very good as well.

both have great ranges

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I love female vocalists.

Melora Creager (Rasputina)
Tegan Quinn (Tegan and Sara)
Juliana Hatfield
Krysta (iwrestledabearonce)

Those, I believe, are my top 4.
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Epica has one of these.

Simone Simons, yeah boi.
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Hayley Williams, the obvious.

Karin Bergquist from Over the Rhine.

Leigh Nash from Sixpence None the Richer.

Oh, and Lacey Mosely from Flyleaf.

Solo artists: Regina Spektor and Natalie Dawn.
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Solo Artist: Sade

Band: Liela Moss from The Duke Spirit.
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I forget her name but the vocalist/guitar player from My Bloody Valentine...and shes hot!!
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Krysta from iwrestledabearonce
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Oh yea, I forgot, that one girl from Tsunami Bomb and Gracie Slick and Stevie Nicks. Knicks? I dunno. One of the two.
Angela Gossow!!
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Haley Williams-Paramore
Amy Lee-Evernescence
Joan Jett-The Blackhearts
Janis Joplin
Pat Benetar


Axl Rose-Guns 'n' Roses

Oh also Taylor Hansen! lol
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Brett Anderson - The Donnas and Christina Scabbia - Lacuna Coil

EDIT: Oh yeah and the chick from Otep cause she so damn funny
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what about cristina scabbia from lacuna coil!??!

Too fuckin right!

The singers from Rilo Kiley, Metric, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, CocoRosie.
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maybe not considered singer, but the vocalist in iwrestledabearonce is talented as hell.and this band from chattanooga... within the eddy. look em up.
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No Doubt (Singer: Gwen Stefani)
Blondie (Singer: Debbie Harry)
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