My friend found this guitar hidden in the ceiling of his basement, I decided i would get it up to date. There is no name to it and the body is in poor condition. I am now working on finishing the body, but the problem is the neck. The neck was sort of just jammed onto the body and doesn't fit at all. I can't order a neck with a pre-made cut or anything like that because I don't even know what its make is. I've gone through the Ultimate Guitar Building thread but I got lost too fast and couldn't find what I am looking for. If I happened to miss something from the thread don't hesitate to let me know, and if there is anything UG could do to help I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
wow lol, a guitar in the ceiling haha. Well basically, from what i've seen, you're going to want to make a wood sammich (no joke) cut it down to size (w, l, neck shape) and have the end you are attaching to the body the exact measurements as the body's neck joint. yup, this was most probably no help but i couldn't really tell what the question was haha
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Yeah really lol i wanna see it so bad, oh and a wood sammich (sandwich) is two pieces of thicker wood with a thinner piece of a different wood in the middle all glued together lol
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Sorry, I can get pictures up tomorrow but I'm too tired and tomorrow I have to wake up early to finish a load of homework, I shall update however.
Alright well the file was too large to upload, but I do appreciate any advice or tips about the neck.
A brief description of the guitar i guess. The neck was steel-reinforced and did not fit the body the measurements were way off. The body is a jazzmaster shape but not exactly as a jazzmaster today, the finish was black with a rose burst, it had a metal pickguard that was oxidizing (hah big words (rust)), and there was one single coil pickup, which. Nothing shows any ownership or what company had made it, and so my problem is with the neck as is stated in the first post.