Okay, here's the deal...

The nut that holds the jack plug onto the guitar fell off one day and when I tried to screw it back on, I cross threaded it. I now have to solder one of the wires back onto the jack plug because it's really loose and obviously some form of twisting action broke the wire off. If I don't fix the initial problem (cross threading) then I'm gunna have to do that A LOT!

I was thinking, maybe there could be a way of keeping the jack plug in proper place without having to attempt to replace it because I don't want to destroy my guitar in the process of replacing it.

Or am I screwed?
replace the input jack

solder the wire back on the new inputjack and take the other wire off by melting the solder and then solder it on to the new jack

problem solved

i can't see that costing you alot of money time or stress
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re solder the wires to the plug, this time hold onto the back of the plug with some pliers and then put lock tight **** on the threads and screw the front piece back on then put it all back onto ur guitar... thats what i did when that happened... now it works perfectly
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