On a scale from 1-10 how awkward are you around the opposite gender?

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1 being totally smooth and cool
10 being extremely awkward

i'd have to give myself a 6.
i've said some pretty stupid things to the guys. :\
For a minute there
I lost myself
Over 9000.
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Depends who's the girl. If its a girl I don't really know well, I'm really awkward. If not, I'm real smooth.
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Usually about a 2 - 3.

Sometimes 10

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1 under normal circumstances
shoots up to a 7 if there is any kind of flirting or affection from either party.
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Probably a 6, I can be pretty bad at times, but I'm good when I don't like them or they're already my friend.
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sometimes 2, other times 8

but it sucks when the other person is being awkward.

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Around a 5.

That's not bad considering I used to be around 9. But, let's not kid ourselves, I'm still awkward as hell most of the times.
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id say 5 or 6 :/
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The guitar, the only beautiful female that looks better with the top ON haha

Almost a 2. I really don't give a **** what they think and I'm pretty sure girls like that.
i would say i am a 2 or 3. I dont act any differently around a girl than i would my best mate. So its w/e.
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and that's about an 810 for males as well. I'm extremely awkward and have social anxiety.
1 when around girls i dont like
8or9 around attractive females
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2 around most girls.

5 around the really preppy/girly girls because they just make everything retarded.
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I'm probably between 2 and 3. I'm normally not awkward at all, but I occasionally have my moments.
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But I'm ackward around 40% of people regardless of sex. On the other hand alot of my friends are chicks.
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2 around most girls.

5 around the really preppy/girly girls because they just make everything retarded.

Yea I'll have to agree with you about the preppy girl thing. I never know what to talk about because they have about 0 interesting hobbies. So I just laugh at everything they say and make jokes about them.
depends, probably from a 2 to a 5. It depends how well i know them.
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1 when around girls i dont like
8or9 around attractive females

Ugh, I'm the same way dude. I can talk all day long with chicks I don't find attractive, but then kind of clam up when around ones I'm into. It's quite pathetic, really. Maybe I just need to pretend not to like them...
Probably used to be a 4/10 but as i now go to a single gender school its gone to 8.
Also because most chicks dont have watch stuff like family guy and flight of the conchords and dont play guitar so i don't really have much to talk about
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Probably used to be a 4/10 but as i now go to a single gender school its gone to 8

Wtf... Single gender school?!! Sausage fest all day?!!? Oh man, I feel for you.
2-4, depending on how mentally quick I'm feeling. I'm getting a lot better as I get older, though. Three or four years ago, I was nigh incapable of human contact. Now, I'll have a few girls from other cities asking for digits or adding me on Facebook every time I go to an event that gives me an opportunity to socialize.
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i would say a six

because after i talk to anybody for awhile my face gets sorta red and girls think im one of those cute little people with a crush and all that $h!t
unless i tell a joke before that happens then they think im some sort of sicko most of the time... y do girls hate thats wat she said jokes??? they arent directly pointed at them
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i can be anywhere from 3-9

girls dont have to worry too much about being awkward around guys, we dont really notice that much
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3 if I'm confortable
7 if I'm crushing on one.
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