I'm tryin to find some songs i can learn to play and sing but i dont know many girl artists. and i dont know of any that some people would tab on here so just seeing what you all know. i'm not really interested in taylor swift or miley cirus type stuff. i'm sorta lookin for someone i probably haven't heard of or something with nice lyrics. thanks if you can help
Evanescence possibly?

Missy Higgins?

Avril Lavigne?

Hope that helps.

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probably check out heart
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Janis Joplin didn't really play much guitar, but she played some chords and they are some great songs. Shocking Blue was mentioned I saw, and thats a good one too.
If you are feeling extreme, you might look at Arch Enemy.

Otherwise, Lacuna Coil might work.
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Janis Joplin didn't really play much guitar, but she played some chords and they are some great songs. Shocking Blue was mentioned I saw, and thats a good one too.

+1 for Shocking Blue liking.
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Only Shallow by My Bloody Valentine.
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You didn't really give any real guidelines as to what sort of music! But hey I'll try to cover a wide range for you!

Bring me to Life-Evernescence (I'd say resonably hard-rock)

Lithium-Evernescence (Really dark, slow, morbid sounding song but still Beutiful! Amy Lee has the most amazing voice!)

Decode-Paramore (Love the intro & Haley has a great voice as well)

Holding out for a Hero-Bonie Tyler (Just an Epic song!)

Hit me with your best shot-Pat Benatar (Simple as!! & lets face it who doesn't love that song!)

Take another piece of my heart-Janis Joplin (She hade the most amazing voice!! though if your going to sing it don't expect to be able to talk for a week!)
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Off the top of my head, Blondie or Patti Smith maybe?

And some Velvet Underground songs have female vocals: Femme Fatale, All Tomorrow's Parties, I'll Be Your Mirror, After Hours
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Ani DiFranco. She's amazing.

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Venus or Love Buzz by Shocking Blue are awesome

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Meg & Dia, they do a kick ass job especially their song monster.

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You could probably get by singing some Jeff Buckley (even though he's a dude).
Especially Mojo Pin, because it would take on buckets of new meanings if a girl sang it.