Hey guys! I got a Taylor 110e (which I am very happy with), but it is definitely time for a string change. I've had to replace my electric strings multiple times, so I know the good strings for them. But I'm newer to acoustic, so what strings are best to put on? As far as style I play, I am very diverse, everything from blues, country, and even rock if I don't have my electric around. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
I don't really know what to recommend, but I can recommend you stay away from Dunlop Wylde Icon series strings. Those strings were dead in two days, and the hardest strings to fret and bend I've ever played. I'm currently using GHS White Bronze light strings and they sound great on my Ovation 2178 Ultra. I've used Ernie Ball 2008 Earthwood and they are good sounding strings that last about a month or so.