Just looking for a great amp in this range. Right now I have read a bunch of good reviews on the http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Acoustic-B200-200W-1x15-w-Tweeter-Bass-Combo?sku=482902. Seems like a decent amount of wattage for such a cheap bass amp too. If it matters I will be playing a Squier VM Jazz Bass through it covering mainly classic rock songs.
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A lot of people speak highly of those amps. I have never tried one myself, but if your going out shopping, I would also look at Kustom
i played the 600w acoustic head at gc when i was looking at basses last week. they sound great really. It was absolutely ridiculously loud with the gain a 9 oclock and the volume the same through a6x10. sure it's 600 watts so i expected it to be loud but it surprised me how loud it was. if the 200 watts sounds anything like the one i played tonewise i say go for it.
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it is indeed good amp. get it!!!!
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