i am looking for a way to search ALL the tabs on ultimate guitar OFFLINE. So, can anyone point me maybe to a directory of all the tabs or something so i can download them. (i know it'll be a massive file).

Thanks for your help.
i may be wrong, but im pretty sure you're not gonna get access to the entire database of tabs
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I suppose you could do it, but you'd have to view each and every tab, save them all into various notepad documents, make sure you keep the ratings in the title, etc.

There is no master download button. Sorry, but you're out of luck.
im not sure if its possible to get acess to that but if you can it would interest me
i sorta found a way. If you use backstreet browser, it will archive the entire site. I set it to start at http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/bands/0-9.htm and it started making its way through all the links (within 3 links of the root page so it got no further than the tabs themselves). I ended up with 70 mb of tabs before it froze and crashed. Anyway, if anyone wants to give it a shot and let me know if it worked that would be fantastic.