Hello, everyone. I was wondering what you opinions were as far as starting off on a 6 string guitar as apposed to a 12 string guitar.

What are the main differences? (Besides the obvious number of strings difference)
Which would you recommend and why?
Any other useful things you can come up with.

I like the more lively sound of the 12 string but should I start off with a 6 string? Thanks in advance for all your help.
I would have to recommend a 6 string. 12 might just overwhelm a beginner and lead to some frustration. Tuning it would take quite awhile for a beginner as well.

Great question though.
6 string acoustics are tanks, even most cheap ones are built solid and will suit a beginner's purposes perfectly, conversely, 12 strings might prove to be just too much, they require constant checking to maintain tuning, and that can really take wind out of your sails when you're new, especially when you don't have an ear for an out of tune guitar and can't figure out why the music doesn't sound right

and even once you learn, 12 string's just aren't as versatile an instrument, I rarely use mine for anything other than slide guitar

I'd recommend a 6 string from walden, yamaha, seagull, or Simon & Patrick, these companies all build solid and affordable acoustics,


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I would suggest starting out with a six string, mainlly for the reasons that Carswell98 pointed out, about not having an ear for an out of tune guitar, and losing motivation when it doesnt sound right. Although, if you like you can go to the Acoustic and Classical Guitar Forum and repost a thread asking about the pros and cons for a 6 string and 12 string for a beginner. Although im sure the general consensus will be to go with a six string

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