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Law & Order
3 5%
0 0%
9 16%
2 3%
3 5%
1 2%
3 5%
Boston Legal
3 5%
17 29%
17 29%
Voters: 58.
Mine would be 24
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It used to be House, but recently House has become absolutely terrible and unwatchable
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lost, house, 24, svu, and definitely NOT ncis, except mark harmon is my dawg
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probably dexter and underbelly (australian show).
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Out of those specifically? House... no contest for pure entertainment, brilliance and of course... consumability (you can watch that **** over and over again as opposed to say... 24 where you know where everything is leading to and who did what. yes, technically House is a medical mystery and you know the end result... but the dynamics of the character relationships and the dialogue make it more repeatable imo)

But I also love heroes as well as 24.

For two more that aren't on there... Rescue Me & Lost

House, and Heroes.

I don't really watch any of those, though.
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What the hell 24 isn't drama .
Favorite series: Lost, 24, Prison Break.
Favorite drama series: Six Feet Under.

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What the hell 24 isn't drama .

yeah, its more of an action/thriller, but it is still a great show

Jack Bauer for life!
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Listen to the man, he's Jewish.
house FTW!
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I haven't heard of many of those. I'll go with Lost.

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I don't watch any of those...

That's why TS put the "other" option.
The weatherchannel, man that's some crazy drama going on there. Did you see the look between stephanie the weathergirl and Oliver, the newsreporter? OOooh, something's going OoooOoooon!
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The weatherchannel, man that's some crazy drama going on there. Did you see the look between stephanie the weathergirl and Oliver, the newsreporter? OOooh, something's going OoooOoooon!

Yes, it's all over some certain video websites...and her face to be honest

I love it

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weres the bill....
the ****ing bill cannot be denied its awesomeness
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I chose fringe because its the only one of the ones I watch on there and I didnt want to pick other...it seems unsavoury to do so.

Actual favs would be between Dexter and Lost.
None, can't stand drama shows. I don't see why people rave about House so much, it's pretty much the same thing.

1st part: Someone falls down with an injury/disease
2nd part: House thinks he knows what it is (insert witty humor here)
3rd part: Can't do certain tests because what's-her-face gets in the way (insert more witty humor)
4th part: House finds out it's not what he thought, iow: runs into a problem
5th part: House figures it out, a life is saved

That's about 85% of the episodes I've seen from that show, and the only reason I saw them is because my roommate and his g/f are obsessed with that show, Dexter, and Battlestar Gallactica. I honestly can't stand any of those shows.
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24 and Heroes. Thank god for my DVR.
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Poll is fail. It doesn't contain Midsomer Murders.

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