I was reading the chords to love story, and at the top, it said how to play all the chords used....

Chords Used:

D 000230
G 300230
Bm 024430
A 002230
E 079900
B 024400
C#m 046600

Of the chords I already know, D, G, A, and E are all played differently there. Is it something to do with the fact that you are meant to use a capo for this song, but this is a tab to use without a capo?
there are many ways to play all chords, and you prolly know the basic shapes for D, G, A, and E, but you will find that there are other ways to play them.
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Oh, and for the above chords, can you say which strings are not meant to be played, because the tab writer failed to mention that.
Try it out on guitar...See what sounds best. Some chords sound amazing with a few open strings in.
I just played those chords exactly as youve written them down, and what is actually played is :

Chord name : Degrees of scale used : Which degree each string plays :

D sus2-------------1 2 5----------------------------X X 1 5 1 2

G sus2 plus 6-----1 2 5 6-------------------------1 2 5 2 5 6

Bm plus 4----------1 3b 4 5-----------------------X 1 5 1 3b 4

A sus4--------------1 4 5---------------------------X 1 5 1 4 5

E without 3rd------1 5-----------------------------1 1 5 1 5 1

B sus 4--------------1 4 5---------------------------X 1 5 1 1 4

Csharp min7--------1 3b 5 7b---------------------X 1 5 1 7b 3b

Thats why theyre played differently. Its because the chord names that youve got there arent exactly what the chords actually are.

X=that string isnt played, but that doesnt necessarily mean that it would ruin the chord if you do. But if you do play one of the X strings, that note would become the new root, and so technically youd have a different chord.
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