i wouldnt mind having it. who cares if they autographed it, its probably worth a lot more because of that.
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graphs. graphs always work. my old work place had an awesome printer, so i was constantly making graphs.

that was until i made a graph of how much my boss pissed me off. but seriously dude, graphs.
I want that!

I can just wash the autograph off with a cloth or sell it for $2.000 to some crazy fan
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valued at $1082

If you could sell it for more because it's been autographed you could buy an even better guitar or the same guitar and something else

seems like a good deal to me
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I wouldn't care.

Worse case, just remove the pickguard, or paint over it etc.
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its not a bad guitar, by any means, by the sigs are a huge turn-off
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I want that?

I can just wash the autograph off with a cloth or sell it for $2.000 to some crazy fan

very clever, I`l chose for selling it.
Otherwise I have to play on a guitar that was touched by the filthy fingers from those Jonas Brothers
Sexy guitar.

But destroy that completely ruined pickguard.
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friend has that guitar. sounds pretty good, plays alright. I'd buy it. and as stated, sell the pickguard.
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the funny thing about those ads is, if i could steal a car at the comfort of my own computer in my own house, i would.

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Ahahaha TS just got gobsmacked.
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Get over it, they're just a band.

This man may just be on to something.
the jonas brothers are sooo
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Apparently that Trans Blue colour isn't being made any more by Epiphone... or so i was told by the store i got it from. Apparently there was only 3 left in their warehouse.

Originally Posted by HaKattack
Get over it, they're just a band.

This man may just be on to something.

I had a feeling this would come up.
However my dis-like stands.
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Everyone just jumps on the bandwagon and gives the same advice in these situations. You know what? I'm going to be different. Call the firemen.
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I had a feeling this would come up.
However my dis-like stands.

I don't give two shits if you dislike them or not. I'm annoyed with how vocal and over-dramatic their detractors can get.
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I would get Pete Wentz and Synister Gates to sign the pick guard too

No. I do really like the paint job though
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Shameless plot to promote zee band.
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Remove the pickguard, they look better without it anyway (IMHO)
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Another anti-Jonas Brothers thread
Oh **** I gotta do vibrato
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I entered.

If I win, this is what I'll do.

1. Sell pickguard on ebay
2. Buy new amp and effects with money from the parents of horny tween girl
3. ????
4. Profit!


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Step 1: Remove pickguard
Step 2: Sell on eBay
Step 3: Skip the ??? part, and go straight to PROFIT!


Beaten to it.
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its seems like the cool thing to do nowadays is mouth about bands that become famous purely because of their look or image, and dont have any talent.

i dislike the jonas brothers as much as the next guy, but it seems like you dont realise that there have been bands like this for a very long time. monkees, for example. im sure back in the day there were monkees guitars.

honestly, get over it. all it does is confirm that your jealous. with every untalented famous band there is, there are 100 talented ones. focus on praising the talented rather than mouthing off the bad few.
Take the pickguard off, and sell it seperately. You would then - probably - recieve half the valuation of the whole guitar for it, because it has the Jonas Burks' signatures on it.

Then sell the guitar as a normal Epi LP.

that jonas bro in the middle looks a bit like me
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Take off pick guard, sell on ebayz to some 13 yr old girl for $1000 then buy new pick guard.

Actually just sell the damn guitar for even more $$$$ then buy a real gibson.
Step 1)Replace pickguard
Step 2)sell pickguard on ebay
Step 3)???
Step 4)Profit.

which seems to be the general consensus.
??? Fund: cba to keep up with it.
will at least try when I get a jerb


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