I've seen bigger

also the ending has slightly startled me
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Prepare to have every orifice in your body occupied by a dwarf.
Yeah 17 seconds is more than enough time to see that ratings and comments are disabled for that video. Which can mean only 2 things...Scary jumpy thing or Rickroll
Oh for gods sake i'm obviously a wimp cause that scared the **** out of me.

I was hoping for everyone to be like "OMG YOU DICK" looks like i'm just a pussy as a lot of people havn't even realised it's meant to scare them.
I don't like snakes.

Don't hate them, but they kind of creep me out.

But I would cry if I saw that thing in real life.
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i got a little startled
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graphs. graphs always work. my old work place had an awesome printer, so i was constantly making graphs.

that was until i made a graph of how much my boss pissed me off. but seriously dude, graphs.
That scared the crap out of me :O
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SG has officially won this thread.
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there are no words to describe how truly epic this is.

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I think you win the award for the coolest member of '08
wtf?! the thing's over 30 feet long, and it can move that fast? something's screwy there.....
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That was just posted in this thread, but it's awesome, so oh well.

Anyway, yes, snakes can move very fast. I feed my pet snake every week, so I'm a bit used to the striking suddenly thing. Anyway else in here have a pet one?
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you think thats big?
you should see the one in my pants, for i keep a deadly venomous snake in them

No i didn't jump.
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Already saw it.
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i thought it was the game snake









obvious screamer is obvious.
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I think this man has a reputation to defend and "poop head" is not in that reputation.

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I shat a cat.
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For me, the 60's ended that day in 1978...

Willies. Fuck the lick and fuck you too.
My Chemistry teacher showed this to our class. I'm usually easily startled by videos like this, but i didn't jump.
how is the number one related video "children of bodom-umbrella"

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also the ending has slightly startled me

Me too
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Yeah 17 seconds is more than enough time to see that ratings and comments are disabled for that video. Which can mean only 2 things...Scary jumpy thing or Rickroll

but comments werent disabled?