Which one is more user friendly, is better at burning cds, DVDs, etc?

I've always found that WMP stacked up multiple copies of the same song, and was unable to convert from WAVs to MP3.

I get the general feeling that most PC-savvy UGers prefer WMP, though.

What's up?
iTunes is more user friendly, but I have had many problems with it in the past. I now use Zune software, and I like it quite a bit more.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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WMP for sure.

iTunes is nothing but trouble.
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I prefer iTunes. Can do everything WMP can do, and more. Unless you have a non-iPod mp3 which you wish to sync with your library. WMP can do that.
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I'm PC savvy, and I hate WMP for music, love iTunes though =)
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They're both terrible, get winamp or something.
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They're both terrible, get winamp or something.
This. I've found WMP to be the lesser of the two evils though. For me, iTunes is unintuitive and crashes constantly.
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They're both terrible, get winamp or something.

Can I please get the word up on winamp?
Foobar IMO, is way better than Winamp iTunes or WMP.

Winamp is really popular because it was one of the first Mp3 programs out that had all of the now commonly associated features (playlists full tag support etc.) it's really not that great.
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Neither iTunes and WMP have the most features, but I personally prefer iTunes. If you're like me and you are really meticulous when it comes to correct labeling (artist, year, genre, album cover, composer, etc), then iTunes is the best way to go. It has the best interface for editing the music information.

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Winamp pwns all. I absolutely love that it plays most of the formats with excellent audio quality without unnecessarily clogging up resources *cough*itunes*cough*. Foobar2000 is better in audio quality but it doesn't have the features.

The best in feature set would be the J River media center though, it can do all.

But yeah, WMP>Itunes for me. I hate bloatware.
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My WMP has never had any problems (well, I've had a few tracks mysteriously corrupt'', but that is an easy fix consisting of double clicking).
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I don't need to do anything other than listen to songs, change the volume and search the library for a song I want, and I can't be arsed spending any time getting used to itunes.
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i use amarok, beats every program.. and it can read any mp3 / ipod etc
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i prefer WMP. i have a non iPod mp3 player cos im a fully non conformist (jokes). i like WMP better anyway. i hate how iTunes is set out. and one question, does it have a stop button? cos i can only ever find the pause button and im OCD so having stuff paused and not stopped makes me angry
I use WMP. it suits my purposes - listening to music, and I've never felt the need to download another media player since the one that was already on the computer works fine.

but now I'm kinda curious about winamp. what's so great about it? if someone could tell me how it's better than WMP I might try it out.
I'm an iTunes supporter. It's more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

....though WMP does have a few features that I'm fond of. Overall, though: still iTunes.
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hmm, I've checked google and it looks like winamp is worth trying out. I'll be back with my verdict later.

edit: lol thread died, but I'm giving my opinion anyway. so far winamp is awesome, it's like the firefox of media players!
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Itunes is a leech. it makes you install useless quicktime and constantly tries to sell you music. Both suck.

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