I just put Thrice onto my iPod and it only shows up in albums not artists. This once happened with another artist and I took them off and put them back on and it was fine but that doesn't seem to be working. Its off a CD not downloaded if that helps. Its also a 120G Classic iPod. Pretty New aswel.

Anyone no what i could do?
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Cause they clearly aren't artists

haha. i saw that comming.
but anyway its not blank, they are under as Thrice and its just not comming up. Even when i play it when i go through albums it says 'Thrice' it just doesn't appear it the artist bit.

Any solutions?
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Hold down the menu button and the center button for 6-10 seconds.
That fixes just about any problem i have. I hope it does for you.
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Make sure both "artist" and "album artist" have Thrice in them. I don't know if that's the problem, but it could be.

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Well, all I can think of is highlighting the album in iTunes and re-entering the artist info. Past that, I'm stumpled. I didn't brang my iPod FAQ.

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This always happens to me. it might be listed as a compilation on iTunes (which is usually the case with me)

go on iTunes and then highlight the album in the music section. then go to 'edit info' then untick the box that says 'compilation' then take the one you have on your iPod off and put the updated album on. should work.