well i've been playing guitar for 2 and a bit years now (i think lol) with my guitar teacher i've only learned songs and a few solo's except for doing the a minor pentatonic scales + 12 bar blues.

I dont feel im as good as i could be with guitar. like for example a maori mate of mine has been 'playing' guitar for a few months and he can get this really chill strum pattern with nice chords + drum the guitar at the same time (acoustic obviously) and im pretty jelous cos its awesome, he said he'd teach me tho .

my guitar teacher is a metal head so basically the songs hes taught me started off being mostly black sabbath songs and now its mostly metallica songs he teaches me. i mean metallica is good for getting speed and all that stuff improved but for more social playing, in front of friends and for my girlfriend its not the most practical.

so im asking you guys what you rekon and also if you could advise me on how to get some good strumming improve/bluesy stuff so i can just pick up a guitar and play without having to think of an actual song to play what i mean is pretty much some acousticy stuff to play ... thanks !!!
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Ditch your teacher, I think. The best way to learn how to play (not just songs or theory) is sitting down and mucking around with your instrument, getting a feel for it and enjoying it, will also help you develop your own sound.

I agree, you should be able to do more at your stage.
Yeah just keep challenging yourself with harder and harder riffs, You'll be suprised what you can achieve in a few hours of solid practice.

Also, get rid of your social life, It is a cancer that must be removed if we guitarists are to succeed.
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its always easier see improvement in the start for brand new guitarists, after a while its more that you can play the stuff right and work out your own style.

and u should also practice youself maybe from this site, find some songs and technics and work on it naau
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You wanna learn other stuff, go learn other stuff. You wanna improv, improv! You've been playing long enough you should know your way around a guitar decent enough, just muck around and see what happens.

For acoustic, learn your open chords, most of em sound good with most of the others, you can string some together, arpeggiate a bit, throw in some random scale soloing at some point... hey, plenty of bands do it! :P