So about a month ago I've finally found a group of people to play with. We're all in college, and they both have jobs, so it's kinda hard for us to find time to practice. We still manage about one or two practices a week.

The problem is when we started playing together, we came up with a list of songs to practice and to cover live. One month later and we can't even play three simple songs as a band. I'm probably the only one that practices when I'm by myself, and probably the only one who has the songs down before coming to band practice. The vocalist just shows up with the lyrics on paper, since he still hasn't memorized them. The drummer is still trying to figure out the rhythm to the song and searching for drum tabs during band practice.

We tried playing an at open mic the other night and it turned out pretty bad. The vocalist had to stop at the middle of the song to take out the lyrics from his pocket. After totally bombing in public, everyone else in the band has pretty much agreed that we need to wait for a few months and practice more before trying to play live again. A few months, to learn three basic entry level songs. Should I wait it out and try to see if things get any better, or should I just quit and start looking for a new band?


Band kinda sucks, doesn't want to play in public. Only reason I'm in the band is because I really want to play in public. What should I do?

By the way, I can't sing and I don't really want to play instrumentals, so just going by myself isn't really an option.
Find new band???

But honestly, you can either stick through it, try o motivate the others to practice outside of your normal band practise, and stuff like that.

But i've never actually been in a band so I dunno how it would really work, sorry

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Convince the others to practice more. Use the bad gig of an example of how things are, and say you want to change that.

Give yourselves a target to work towards to motivate yourself. For example, give yourselves two months before you play an open mic again, and use that time to really work on getting it all together.
You're lucky. My band has been going for 8 months and we've got TWO songs down. Granted we have a crappy singer and didn't have a drummer till this past weekend, but it's still horrible. If they aren't willing to commit, find a different band.
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You need to set some goals as a band.


In six months, have a 12 song set down.
Every two weeks, learn a new song.
Each practice review all or most of you know material (play all your songs).
Each practice agree on the next song to learn for next time.

Ground rules:
Come to practice prepared to work on the song.
Each member should also practice their part on their own time.
Stick to the plan.