Make a finger sized torture rack, that should stretch them good
Oh **** I gotta do vibrato
You don't need to necessarily warm up before playing guitar - you can just start off slowly and carefully with some chromatic licks, and then begin stretching out the lick.
just play chords and easy riffs first off, i use riff raff by AC/DC and Hallowed Be Thy Name first Verse Riff by Iron Maiden
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When my hands are cold, I just warm them up over my amp, and start out slow, I found playing the main intro riff to Tornado of Souls by Megadeth at a slower speed is good. Then I just get faster and faster, and bam.
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I'm dissapointed in the lack of "why the **** is this in the pit?!2!!11!1!one@11!!!!" posts.


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i heat my fingers up usually by running under water or with a lighter, i've always found that works much better than streches then i just play and after abit i'm ready
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I'm dissapointed in the lack of "why the **** is this in the pit?!2!!11!1!one@11!!!!" posts.

why the **** is this in the pit?!2!!11!1!one@11!!!!

Have you tried Anal fisting? That will get u toasty warm all the way to ur elbows!
If they're cold and you have a PLASTIC kettle just boil the jug and hold your fingers against them... and wen playing i'll just muck around on a couple of scales for a few mins then all is good

note: if the kettle is metal don't use it lols
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