Like the intro, wich is quiet. But then that strange guitar comes in and turns in a pretty happy riff. The two different guitar work well together. Especially the rythm one is good.
But you might change that cliché that the vocal start and the guitar strums one chord. The drums are indeed nice, but might hit the hi-hat once insteed of only the snare when the drum oms in after the vocal. But you deserve your name :p. The lead at the end are always as good. Vocals are really good, not too soft and not too hard. And should it be a preview of 1:52 or was there a mistake when you uploaded it?
ah, yes it was a preview, i may have just used the wrong words, my bad haha.

But thanks for your crit though, great feedback. Do you play drums? because your high-hat idea was also supplied by one of my other drummer mates.