stop bumping your thread or i will have to warn you. give the PYB Rules a read over. then read them again.
Ah fine, I'll crit.
Project your voice more. You sound like you are half whispering or something. Don't be scared to sing loud, it helps your voice a lot (unless, of course, the whole point of a particular song is to sing quietly).

For "Nothing's Wrong", you had a little too much repetition near the end. I think the last minute or so was the same lyrics and stuff.

"Don't Hurt"--Cool guitar riffs. Liked it much more than the other.

Biggest suggestions are to sing louder and not worry about how it sounds. I think you'd have a good voice if you sang louder.
Nothings wrong: pretty generic intro and verse riff. Yeah man you gotta sing and not be afraid. The whispering thing with this riff reminds me of a petophile chasing me. This song just doesn't do anything for me. Really repetitive too.
Don't Hurt: This again has a really generic intro. Whispering thing pertains to this song too. This song is my least favorite of the two.
Guitars don't do anything really cool. The keyed stuff is really faint, the vocals need to be sung not falsetto'ed. Work on making some riffs that stand out, they don't have to be complicated, just sound different. Check out my band? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1086176
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