I haven't posted in a while, been too low on time to get creative or to crit.

First piece in a while, lacks in imagery and, apologies, but the last word of each line rhymes. I normally try and avoid this as it always seems so forced but this just kinda happened.


Destructive White Army

Seeing powder marching in little lines,
Just to evaporate into their minds.
Knowing that this is what defines,
Yet at the same time it completely confines.
Holding loved ones from full potential.
Remembering times when it was experimental,
But lately it seems so essential.
Still I keep secret thoughts confidential.
Looking behind cold and empty stares,
Unrecognisable voices discussing current affairs.
No belief in God and unanswered prayers,
Leaves me wondering if anybody cares.
Suddenly I cannot look at anything white,
Blissful snowy days no longer a delight.
Waiting for that frightful sight,
Of a friend that has died tonight.

Hopefully with a bit of work this will be ready to give to my girlfriend, nothing else will stop her snorting the nasty stuff so i'm hoping this will show her just how strongly i feel about it, as apposed to just having a go at her every weekend
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