It's been a month since I released Inner Balance so I thought of compiling all my songs except Inner Balance while adding new songs to make an album. Garden of Dreams serves as an opener to the album with melodies taken from the other songs of the album. Skies Above is a simple "meant to be radio-friendly" song which brings balance to the album since it consists of 2 epics and an instrumental
I'm currently recording the songs and I hope it'll come out by the end of 2009 or early 2010 ( Hopefully ) since I'm new at this and the songs are as long as hell
Here's the track order for the album ( Again, hopefully )

Moonlight and the Lunar Skies

Track Listing:

I. Garden of Dreams
II. The Awakening, Pt.1: The Red Eye of Chaos
III. Shades of Green
IV. Skies Above
V. The Glass and the Mirror: Light of the Shattered Sun
VI. The Awakening, Pt.2: The End of Time

SIDE NOTE: I will record Inner Balance after this one since I first composed these songs. It'll be a long long time still I hope to finish all of these.

Thank you and Good Day
Moonlight and the Lunar Skies.zip
Just finished listening to all your songs and this was the last one I listened to. They're all stunning, man. The best work (and my favorite) that I've ever seen here. I'll definitely buy the album whenever it gets released. Brilliant stuff, dude, keep it up.