Hey guys,

I've finally decided on what amp I'm going to get....I went out and played all the ones I could find and I've decided that I'm going for the Randall V2 head with a 2 x 12 cabinet!

I was just wondering if you could give me some advice on what cabinets would pair well with the Randall (for playing mainly metal) at a price of no more than £400 (preferrably less)?

Cheers guys
Find a cab with either Vintage30s or G12T-75 or G12-100 or an combination of those speaker.

Maybe a Marshall 2x12 (I think the 1936 modell), a Framus 2x12 witch V30s or some kind of Orange.

Inbefore Avatarcab. He pays with pounds. No avatars in GB
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If you can find yourself a used VHT cab you won't regret it. Quite possibly the most solid sounding cab made.
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^ As an owner of a VHT cab, I'd agree that you can't go wrong with one.
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