So im wondering if anyone can explain to what a bass equalizer pedal does, how i could put it to use? just info in general.

Thanks Guys, Cheers!
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imagine adding x amount of extra knobs to your amp

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an EQ pedal can be used in front of your amp or in the effects loop, your taste will decide. an EQ pedal is like the EQ on your amp, it adds extra tweakability for the bass, mid ranges, and highs, higher end EQ's will have many frequency bands to tweak
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You can use it to increase or decrease bass/treble/mid frequencies in the signal. More control than just your basic amp controls. Can be useful if you think your sound is too muddy, for example. Don't expect miracles though, won't make a crappy bass through a crappy amp sound good.
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on your amp you have the bass mid and high dials which are used to shape your tone. The Equaliser pedal will give you these dials and more. Basically a more comprehensive way of shaping your tone
Its used for controling different frequnencies controled by the sweep of generally each slider. So bass, middle and treble, ferequencies can all be controlled and mixed to your desired sound. They generally are 9 or 7 bands.
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If you are interested in checking one out, check out the Boss GEB-7. Excellent 7-band EQ pedal.
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