there seems to be a problem with my rig but i cant find it. When i turn my guitar amp on and plug up my effects pedals there is this high pitched whistling, its not the regular single coil hum, its alot higher and its this really high whining like a dog whistle. I tried plugging my effects rig into different amps but its the same and i tried different guitars which is still the same. i also checked all the patch cables.

my effects rig is

eq 10 band
boss classic distortion
boss flanger
boss phaser
boss delay dd3
boss delay dd7

anybody know whats making the noise?
check all the batteries next. or if you use a power supply, try plugging it into a different outlet...especially if its using the same one as your amp.
yeah i use a diasy chain and it is plugged into the same strip as my amp, also theres alot of other household things plugged in as well
ill be sure to try it when i get home from work
i also tried to find which pedal it was but each one by itself never seemed to do it, it was when i started putting many different ones together/
try all the boss ones by themselves...my bet is that its the 10-band EQ...its an MXR i'm assuming??? and if you're not using the MXR power adapter this could be the problem. Otherwise, I would use a power strip just for your amp/effects...don't plug any household items into it.
yeah its a MXR and i have it at the end of my diasy chain, i didnt know you had to have a special adapter for it.
ok thank you, i'll be sure to try all this when i get off
thanks for the help