Hi everyone i wonder if someone can help me in a problem im having.
I have been correcting my picking because in the past i use to downstroke everything, now i use alternative picking and it seems much better and a bit more faster still can only apply it to parts more indicated to lead guitar solos, riffs.
But i cant do it properly in the rythm it gets slower and the pick gets stuck on the strings should i keep use downstrokes or can you guys give me some advice on how to use this technique properly.
Well thats what its used for really. More leady stuff. Songs usually have depicted up and down strokes already for the rythm parts. Could you give an example of the bit your trying to do?
If your pick's getting stuck you are probably digging in too hard. I think its just a matter of practice to get it right, and practice alternate strumming too - mute your strings with your fretting hand and just make up rhythms to strum, should help you stop digging the pick in so hard (works for me anyway)